- My overall course evaluations (chart and table);

- A sample of my detailed student evaluation (here);

- And examples of  students' comments from all 11 semester of teaching . 







Ethnic and Racial Relations, Summer 2018: I signed up for this class because of all the good things I’d heard about Hadi. Everything turned out to be true. His passion is evident from the first moment of the class. He is, by far, the most compassionate teacher I have ever had at USF or anywhere else. Also, it seems he has an incredible wealth of knowledge, and-equally as important- the tendency to admit when he does not know something. Overall, he is incredibly kind, engaging, and teaches with an uncompromising commitment to his students and their awareness of the world we live in.

Classical Sociological Theory, Spring 2018: This professor is the best professor I have had at USF. From the first day I went to class he taught with such rigorous passion I knew I would be enthralled for the rest of the semester. I have never had such a responsive professor. Always attending and acknowledging to his students’ needs. He went the extra mile to teach us beyond the traditional basics allowing us to experience theory on a much deeper and more meaningful level. Overall, thanks to this professor passion the class was life changing. The density of the traditional content we were digesting was heavy but he not only broke in down he also connected it to every facet of our lives. I am so grateful to have been taught theory by this professor


Ethnic and Racial Relations, Fall 2017: Best Sociology teacher I ever had. Hadi is passionate about the material he teaches. He is raw about social issues and different points of view. He also understands when students are going through a rough time and gives assurance that everything will be okay. He is an awesome teacher and would recommend him as a teacher for any sociology class.

Contemporary Social Problems, Summer 2017:  A lot of professors will ask students to be respectful of others opinions during class, but you did what some do not and you enforced it and did so by example. I think the class laughing at another student only happened once, but you re-enforced the importance of it and I respect that. It was clear you cared about us and the class as a whole.


Classical Sociological Theory, Spring 2017:  Thanks to professors such as Hadi Khoshneviss, my interest in sociology grew even stronger. Academically, he makes classical theory and its language not only bearable but does an excellent job at relating concepts to current issues or events. Syllabus was clear, rubrics were not only simple, often he would include a second guide to further assist combing through the different theorist perspectives. Exams and assignments are fair, and he does a fantastic job at replying to emails and assistant the best way he can in anything you need. Definitely one of a kind! Great all around just great human being. I’ll see him in the fall for his future class!


Classical Sociological Theory, Fall 2016: He is very passionate about this subject and it shows (in a good way). He is very good at making a dry subject with difficult text relevant to students and easy to understand. He would relate classical theories to present day examples which really helped spark an interest in the topic. He is also very approachable and genuinely cares for his students' success.


Contemporary Social Problems, Summer 2016: This class is all about learning and discussing social issues. It is a humbling and eye opening course. I would take the class all over again, I highly recommend it to every one. [sic]


Classical Sociological Theory, Spring 2016: In the beginning I was nervous about this class, but it has turned into one of my favorite classes during my college career. I hope to be in his shoes on day! Thank you hadi [sic] for the inspiration!


Contemporary Social Problems, Fall 2015: I'm not normally one to do evaluations but I felt compelled to this year. Hadi was an excellent professor and I thoroughly enjoyed being in his class this semester. He is much more than a professor but enters the class as a peer and one that not only shows understanding but inspires his students and was able to relate classical theories to everyday life. I would highly recomend [sic] him to other students in the sociology department looking to broaden their understanding of sociological theories and gain background knowledge of their field. This semester he went above and beyond to ensure the success of all of his students, and I will be looking to attend more of his courses in the future.


Contemporary Social Problems, Summer 2015: I think Hadi is extremely passionate and a great facilitator for meaningful discussion. He values all thoughts and opinions and encourages questions that go against the common opinions and beliefs.


Contemporary Social Problems, Summer 2015: Great teaching style, wants the students involved and always has a plan for students to be able to apply the lesson in life outside the classroom. Love the mix of lectures, videos, group exams, and student presentations.


Contemporary Social Problems, Fall 2014: The instructor likes to get everyone involved and share ideas. He had us do many discussions to help us share our ideas and as a result we would get a better understanding of what we were talking about. It is easy to see his genuine care for the students and their learning.

Introduction to Social Sciences, Spring 2014: Hadi made the class very enjoyable and he knows the material extremely well. He is a very kind, approachable and approachable professor. He took the time to answer any and all questions and was open to feedback. Hadi mixed lectures with media, like power points and video, which helped to better understand the concepts. He was very clear in explaining the assignments and was very willing to work with students and talk outside of class if they had concerns. The workload of the class was reasonable and clearly related to the concepts each week. Hadi made the classroom a safe and comfortable environment.


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